Monday, April 30, 2018


                                                While I am gone to Tokyo to see my mother in a hospital, spring is now at its peak.
                                                  I am still busy making round trips between Tokyo and my town Nara. 

                     This is a beautiful walk in our last spring,2017. My husband and I walked along the ancient road with many" Kofun" in Nara.
                     Kofun are burial mounds which were built for the people of the ruling class from the 3rd century to the 6th century.

                                                                                    Kofun surrounded by the water.


                                                                Tomoko took this photo.  My husband is at the head.


                                                                 Ancient style mud wall can be seen in old cities such as Nara.
                                                                       We walked  about 10 kilometers.
                                                               All photos....a single focus lens 35 mm.   

                           昨年春に 奈良市の古墳群がある道を歩いた。                                                                                                                  日毎に痩せ、静かに眠り続ける母。まだお迎えは来ない。

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


 I returned to my hometown, Tokyo, to see my mother, staying several days with her. 
                                                         Spring cherry blossoms opened much earlier than usual. 

                                                        the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and cherry blossoms
                                                                                                             March 27


                                              She is calm, holding onto her life in a hospital on a drip with minimal nutrients.
                                                                     cherry blossoms from her bedroom.   
                                                                                                                          March 26       mobile phone(スマホ)


                            While I was staying with her, I tried to find time to walk around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.
                                              Tokyo is my heart, as the place I grew up from my innocent girlhood.
                            The cherry blossoms in the garden were in full bloom.The petals were almost covering the ground.




                                                                The big city has been drastically changing, but I have never felt nostalgic.                                    
                                                                         However developed the city is, the many memories 
                                                                   my mother and I have shared are eternal.

                                                                                                       the Government building

                                                                                                                      March 25

                                                                                                 The Government round building

                                           Now, it is also a season of graduation.This is my mother’s first great- grandson.
                                                                         He will be an elementary school student this spring.

                                                                                       Congratulations! J.     mobile phone(スマホ)   
                                                                                I still go back and forth between Tokyo and Nara.      


Saturday, March 31, 2018


             A caring staff member of my mother's nursing home called and told me that my mother has pneumonia and been transferred 
             to hospital for extra care. After a 5 hour trip using 2.5 hour bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo,about 500 kilometers, 
             and local trains, I finally arrived at her hospital. I said "I am very sorry I am late, mother", holding her hands.

                                  It will not be long before she is going to depart this life. I am beginning to accept her journey 
                               when I think of her ripe old age, and that she would be able to see her husband and son in heaven.

                  My mother and I shared the same love of antique style pendants, and much preferred them to today's modern bling.
                                         These are some of my usual pendants by Georg Jensen, and she also liked J's pendants.

                               On my way back to Kyoto Station, all the bullet trains between Kyoto and Tokyo were suspended
                                      because of a power failure somewhere on the line. It rarely happens, though.

                              Many passengers patiently waited for their departures on the station platforms and underground.

                                                    bonsai ume trees displayed at nearby shrine  this early spring. It was a sign of March.

                                                              This is a gardener who has been making bonsai at the shrine for 40 years.

                                                                                 linked with  Mosaic Monday




Monday, March 5, 2018

a piece of Diary....March(1)

I went to the Osaka station for some errands.
           the Osaka Station building 
                                                                                                    February 28         


 I had found that Osaka Station has a nearby garden of delights open on weekdays for children and the young of heart. 
 I stopped at the garden before my errands.

                                            My eyes were immediately drawn to a topiary giraffe as big as a dinosaur.

                                                           Then there's a bright colorful garden with tulips flowering.
                                            "Let's make some bubbles!" announced a wooden house  creating soap bubbles. 
                                                 But I alone smiled, as no children were there to see it.

                                                                    What could this small pile of snow be for?
                                                    It's a chance for city kids to come and experience snow.
                                                                               It is getting warmer and warmer here.

                                                           It is a good idea for little kids, but I saw none playing it!
                                                      Can we justify such cost and extra vehicles on our busy roads? 

                                Two tons of it will be brought here each morning and evening, from snow fields 100 km away till March 18!

                       However, this man cleaning the muddy snow smiled and told me, that if there's snow here little kids have lots of fun
                           with mister snowmen. His words made me smile.... and soon my idea was slowly melting too!


                                                                                              I had a sweet after my errands.
                                    This simply decorated tea room named "Nana's Green Tea" inside the station building is my favorite. 
                                                                  There are expansive views of Osaka through the windows.

                                         実は 少し期待外れの大阪駅前の公園でしたが、🌷が満開。  


Sunday, February 18, 2018


  February 12, finally my town, Nara, was covered with snow.

                     my garden                 

                                                               I walked around, took photos in my neighborhood. 

                                                          The weather and temperature looked like it was going to melt the snow soon.      


                                                    I smiled to find some little footprints on the snow. Kids liked playing here.

                                                I was looking down the playground from the top of steps. Can you see me in this picture? 
                                                            Oh no...! my shadow starts melting into the snow!

                                                                            Young family enjoyed early spring in the cold air.

                                                    My familiar seesaw was much colorful than usual on the snow. 
                                                    Forgotten ball and poor snowman at the ground are  pretty too!                             
                                                                                   Although the snow did not last long
                                                          this was one of the most beautiful and exciting days in February.    




Sunday, February 4, 2018


It doesn't snow much here.I just enjoyed a little snow falling last week .
 at a local temple.
                                                                                                                        February 1

                                                                                                The snow turned to sleet soon though....

                                                      Those colorful lucky charms  were not drenched under the small roof.

                              Two days later, the  Ebisu festival day came again, which is  held on February third at many shrines in Japan ,
                                                     particularly in the west Japan and it is very popular. Miko has always lovely smile.
                                                                                           February 3                

                                                 Miko stands on a stage, handing out lucky bamboo branch to all the visitors, one by one.

                                                     Bamboo is strong and supple, so it's represented as a symbol of prosperity. 

                                                                                                            Tomoko got a small one.

                                                                                   ......then, Tomoko in front of the shrine  to pray for peace.

                                    Even though we are not a particularly religious family, we think we do not want to miss this annual ritual.
                               right side: a new bamboo branch at our house,which is displayed here until next year. 


Wednesday, January 24, 2018



                                        Japanese apricot,winter sweet begins blooming in the garden of our local cultural hall. 
                                                                                                   January 13

                                                                   In the hall my husband and I attended a short Tsugaru Shamisen concert.
                                                     The music called Tsugaru Shamisen is played with the shamisen instrument
                                                               and has a unique sound of traditional Japanese folk music.

                                                                                       after their performance at the entrance hall

                                                                                   Here is some background to the origin of this music.
                                    The music was originally born as a way to survive. Being in the northernmost area of Japan's main island, 
                                    Tsugaru has the harshest weather, so people with poor eyesight could not work on the farms.They traveled 
                                    around busking with the shamisen as a way of life to obtain food. From these roots, Tsugaru shamisen has 
             grown into music loved around Japan
                                    You might imagine that the percussive and melodic sound together cry in the furious snow storm. 
                                                    Today I picked  this Tsugaru Shamisen performance by Yoshida brothers.

                                                                        The other day, I went to Osaka station to do some errands.
                                This is a waiting place in the station building, which always pleases people’s eyes with its seasonal display.
                                                                                                              January 17

                                                                        plastic snow men welcoming you.

                                                        I thought  I would be happy if these are real snow men.


                                       At last, on a cold day of last week, snow fell just for 30 minutes in my area. I quickly dressed warmly, 
                                 hurried out side with my camera. The first snow is always exciting!This is just one shot of the under 
                                 road maintenance I captured in the  snow falling near my house.
                                                                                                                       January 22

                                                                       Now, the coldest wave of this winter is passing over Japan. 
                                                                            The  beginning of spring is still a little way off.

                                                               Thank you for visit.